Tabby Kerwin: Mode for… Director

Mode for… was created in 2008 by husband and wife team Tabby and Simon Kerwin, originally as a music publishing and events business.

Since Simon’s death in November 2018, Tabby has continued to develop Mode for… based on its original intentions, combined with experience and continuing learning in the fields of events, weddings, music, wellness, mental health and suicide prevention.

The business was built on ethos of “doing what we love and loving what we do” hence the organic development and breadth of the Mode for… name to become the portfolio of businesses that it is today.

What’s behind the name?

Mode for… literally means “the way to…” and the ellipsis (the dot dot dot!) is very important!

Why? Well, it’s that ellipsis that leads us open to doing what we love and developing the business in any and every way that suits.

Currently, that focus is on experiences, performing and wellness and Mode for… is the place where all of those things meet through creativity and learning.

Working with organisations, individuals and corporate clients throughout the world, everything that Mode for… engages in is delivered with passion, fun, precision and no stress.

We are meticulous for detail and our purpose is helping other people.

So, there’s just one question…

How can we help you?