Friday thoughts…about your monkey!

According to Buddhist writings, the ‘monkey mind’ is a term that refers to being unsettled, restless, or confused. When we feel unrest in our mind, our inner critic shouts loudly.

Our monkey mind can stop us being brave; looking inward and doing what we know is right for us.

Often, we can let our inner critic speak so loudly it stops us doing what fills our soul, setting our goals and reaching our dreams and visions. It makes us doubt oursleves, allowing imposter syndrome to be dominant and we start living from the point of view of other people’s perceptions and opinions.


Check in with yourself and ask who is controlling your thoughts and actions… is it you or your inner chimp?

Tame it – hell name that chimp, control those thoughts and live your truth. That will allow you to be the happiest version of yourself!

It’s not always easy, but way more authentic. Live your life in your way, not just in a way that pleases the needs and expectations of others.

Feeling overwhelmed by your monkey mind?

Here’s just a few scientifically proven taming techniques: meditation, mindfulness, reframing your thoughts, colouring, mantras, running, talking, journaling, kindness, giving … and more.

… and if all else fails, remind yourself that your mind is designed to have this inner chatter; just sometimes you have to manually override it, because, mostly, what that chimp tells you and predicts is completely untrue! 💚

Want a good read?
Check out “The Chimp Paradox” by Prof. Steve Peters here.

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