When it comes to game changing short reads, ‘Fish!’ is up there with the best of them in my opinion.

It credits itself as ‘A proven way to boost morale and improve results,’ and it doesn’t lie. It totally does what it says on the tin.

Based on the Fish! Philosophy developed by John Christensen, this book (which is only 114 pages long so a quick easy read – we like that!) takes us on the journey in supervisor, Mary Jane Ramirez’s, life and her transformation of the department she manages which was referred to as a ‘toxic energy dump’ prior to her moving into the role to transform it.

Her learning takes place in the famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. In fact, the whole philosophy is based on the author, John Christensen’s, experience of this very market.

Working ungodly hours, in the cold, with lots of fish in a repetitive scenario is a job that would seem testing to most people and not a fun way to spend your working day, but the energy, drive and enthusiasm of the Pike Place Fish salesman is incredible.

The fishmongers may not enjoy every part of their job, but they chose to bring joy and fun to how they approached it. That is the crux of Fish! It’s not what you do but how you approach it which matters and gives results.

The most mundane job can be given a new lease of life if you approach it differently and this Fish! Philosophy has been introduced into businesses, cultures, schools and organisations the world over now.

The philosophy is based on four concepts:

  1. Choose your attitude
  2. Play
  3. Make Someone’s Day
  4. Be There

To give you an idea of what these mean:

  1. Choose your attitude (choose to enjoy, it choose who you will be and how you act)
  2. Play (Have fun whilst you work)
  3. Make Someone’s Day (engage with others to make their day)
  4. Be There (for your colleagues, customers, friends. Be present and focussed on what people need from you)

Really, it is a simple and straightforward concept but a philosophy we don’t always adhere to. If you’re wanting to re-energise yourself, your work place, organisation, school or community, Fish! Philosophy is an excellent way to live life and recommend to others and it’s totally worth a read.

Want to know more about Fish! Then buy the book or I’d love to come and chat to your business, organisation or school about implementing this kind of approach to help you improve morale and improve results. Just get in touch.

Tabby x

For a quick video that shows you the inspiration behind the Philosophy, check this out:

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