At the weekend I visited the Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre at Conishead Priory in Ulverston, South Lake District to both decompress from a busy month so far and to also gain some insight on wellbeing to help and better support colleagues and clients.

This was a weekend meditation retreat with a focus on restoring wellbeing using Buddhist teachings and what a great weekend it was. 

Such an impressive and beautiful location where in the grounds of a 12th Century Augustine priory a huge and inspiring Buddhist temple emerges from the landscape. Breathtaking!

Now, you could fully immerse yourself in these weekends and stay on campus, living a simple life and perhaps even completely detox nutritionally and digitally, but I chose to make it a hybrid experience, staying in the nearby town of Ulverston in a small house with friends who joined me in the retreat experience.

Over the course of the weekend we attended several meditation sessions and talks and whilst based on the Dharma (teachings of Buddha) this did not feel like a religious experience (personally not my bag) but words of total relevance and accuracy for how we need to think, feel and behave to increase our wellness and protect our mental health.

The consequence of the weekend (aside from another valuable lesson in red wine consumption!) was leaving feeling calmer, more open and a desire to implement simple daily practises for the benefit of myself and others. It was all so relevant.

Taking a few moments every day to meditate and to be more mindful about our thoughts, intentions and actions is incredibly beneficial for our overall health and wellness levels. The simple process (and granted simple does not always mean easy) of changing our thoughts to be more positive can help boost our mood and decrease levels of anxiety – in turn this helps us function better, be more productive and of course, increases our happiness levels.

If you need to gain a little more calm I thoroughly recommend you check out the meditation sessions at the centre and maybe even one of their retreats. Modestly priced and a great experience which you can either fully immerse yourself in or take the hybrid route like I did. 

It’s definitely an experience which will benefit myself and all those I work with and for. 🙏

Find out more at

Much love

Tabby x

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